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What is the point of having a great Romance?

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What is the point of having a great Romance?

Does Prince Charming exist or we are living the wrong stories?

What is the point of being gorgeous, having an amazing job, a decent savings, traveling all over the world but in the end we are by ourselves? The truth is that no one falls in love with us just because we are successful, have a beautiful face, or we are a nice person – these are just small details.

No matter what, passion happens because chemistry, the taste of an unforgettable kiss, the smell of his body that we can't get out of our heads, from the desire of spending time with him even if you do nothing just for the sake of being together.

And often, It does not matter if the guy is not faithful, if you have nothing in common, if he wears tacky clothes, because when he approaches and looks inside our eyes we are gone and we feel like the only boy in the world.

Maybe Prince Charming does exist, or maybe he doesn't. If we are able to believe in Christmas even knowing that Santa Claus is a legend, we might believe in love without a gorgeous knight riding a white horse.

There is so much love all over the world - this we can't deny. Although sadness, disillusionment, and nostalgia are "frequent visitors" in our lives, there are good intentions in people’s heart. Sometimes they make some mistakes, make us cry and feel belittled, but that is the way life is, people trying to do the right thing sometimes getting it right and sometimes getting it wrong.

When we fall in love with someone, we don’t choose the qualities or order the appropriated features like we customize our internet shopping stuff –we take the whole package as it is. And then we lose control with a "crazy love" or we enjoy a calm and mature relationship based on respect.

Gay people, generically speaking, gave up living a fairy tale. Does the fact that there is no Cinderella in the story change something? Who doesn't seek a pair of shoes that fit us perfectly, who doesn't seek an eternal love in the form of a great romance?

A great romance is to wake up in our boyfriend’s arms every morning, go to the movies holding hands, be silent without being lonely, to say -" I agree "- when you would rather say “I disagree”, to give in on little things and learn from each other every single day, because only when we sit on a beach and see an old couple that has been together for a lifetime… Then we realize how much time we have been wasting.

How many people have crossed our lives and because of pride or fear to try one more time, we gave up living the fairy tale?

Bruno de Abreu Rangel

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